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Errata, contingency, and auto-triage

This list provides information about active and non-active errata provided by the Windows Certification Team. You should download and apply the latest filter update package to determine if a particular errata applies to a failure in your submission, the data provided does not guarantee whether an errata applies to your test results. Learn more
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5307 Errata HCK Errata: PCI fails PCIHCT with Assertion 6F6EECB1-61D6-4FBF-B7A1-E6BED289D622 Active 12/31/2016
5312 Errata HCK ERRATA: Wi-Fi Direct invitation is failing because go negotiation triggers unexpectedly. Error: ... Active 12/31/2016
5314 Errata NDISTest 6.5 - WlanInstantConnect  "DUT miniport used 0.0781201 seconds to associate with AP, w... Active 1/1/2017
5317 Errata HCK 2.1:System - Sleep and PNP (disable and enable) with IO Before and After (Certification) fails D... Active 12/31/2016
5318 Errata HCK 2.1:System - Sleep and PNP (disable and enable) with IO Before and After (Certification) fails D... Active 12/31/2016
5319 Errata ERRATA - WiFi Direct Scenario Tests - BasicPlus fails Section:ReInvoke Invitation – Listener(SUT) Si... Active 12/31/2016
5320 Errata System.Fundamentals.HAL.HPETRequired, HPET is not present in ACPI fixed table enumeration. Active 12/31/2016
5324 Contingency System failed Signed Driver Check test due to driver issue Active 10/31/2015
5325 Errata [HCK ERRATA] - Device.Graphics: “CRASH – Display Stress 4-hour WDDM Profile (32bit) fails with inval... Active 12/31/2016
5326 Errata ERRATA: DF - Reinstall with IO Before and After fails due to SFC integrity violations not related to... Active 12/31/2016
5328 Errata ERRATA: Sensor Static Properties test fails without logs when GetSensorsByCategory(SENSOR_CATEGORY_A... Active 12/31/2016
5330 Errata Wdf - Kmdf Fault Injection Test Active 12/31/2016
5331 Errata MANUAL ERRATA: Failing three USB tests and the logs has no failures, but the overal result gets mark... Active 1/1/2017
5332 Errata HCK Errata: Failing test (N40 & N44) in Fingerprint Reader logo tests with HCK2.1 due to SensorA... Active 12/31/2016
5335 Errata HCK ERRATA: Failing the Trim Zero-Range Test due to: error in sending file level trim to the disk. Active 12/31/2016
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